Hi, guys! I’m in the middle of a super hectic (but fun!) shoot week for a new Vimeo series called The Food Lab. I’m co-hosting with Kenji Lopez-Alt, who writes The Food Lab column for Serious Eats.

Because of the production schedule, I had to shoot an improvised video for you today! I decided to share with you all two amazing ways to eat avocado, which I learned about from awesome viewers (like you!). Thanks to Gabby and Phil for their comments :)

One of the avocado combinations is from the Philippines (avocado+condensed milk+banana, then chilled) and the other is from Brazil (avocado+lemon juice+sugar).

Good stuff. Gosh, avocado is just endlessly great.



FOODporn.pl Avocado two ways: From the Philippines & Brazil

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