Macaron eating/cooking video breakdown, for your convenience–

0:03 Unboxing and Baking
1:44 Whispering
2:33 Eating

Finally, a macaron ASMR eating video!!! I’m in love with the soft crunching and delicate chewing of these. Plus, they’re the cutest things ever and it’s so fun to see what kinds of macarons there are available out there. What’s the most special/weirdest macaron flavor you’ve seen?? Please leave in the comments!

I decided to try making them for the first time in over a decade in this video and have included the macaron kit unboxing and baking so you can see how easy it was to do. I need to work on my technique but it was a blast! Any ASMR cooking sounds fans? I kinda love the crap outta them, but I’m still a huge noobie at these kinds of videos.

Here’s a link to Dana’s where you can get your own kit, macarons, etc :)

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(896) ASMR Eating Macarons ft. BTS Unboxing + DIY Recipe | *Whispering*

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