Another ASMR Eating BonChon korean fried chicken vid for you, because it’s Tuesday and it’s been a while and I love fried chicken. :) These onion rings packed an unexpected CRUNCH whereas the hashbrowns (which were from my freezer) were perfectly crisp. I’m dipping them in ketchup and also leftover big mac sauce (hehe). The korean fried chicken is spicy soy garlic flavor. YUM!

I’m sorry I took longer than usual to post! If you’ve been following me on my IG stories, you’ll know I’ve been up to all kinds of wandering about and seeing cool new things around the city and at Maker Faire. I’ve also been trying to get back into the groove of working out because between this video and the last and all the others I want to do…. seems reasonable. :) Everything has been wonderfully nuts and I will be posting as usual moving forward. Love you guys.

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(22236) ASMR Eating Korean Fried Chicken ft. Onion Rings | CRUNCHY Mukbang *No Talking*

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