9 Marvelous Health Benefits of Cape Gooseberries
Cape gooseberries, more commonly known as Rasbhari in India, is a small orange berry fruit. It has various names like golden berries, inca berry and ground berries. They are usually grown in warm regions like South Africa, South America, Central America, India and China. Its tarty taste has many admirers who can’t wait for the arrival of this seasonal fruit. You can have them fresh as a healthy snack and also use them as a topping for desserts or in puddings. Did you know that cape gooseberries apparently contain more antioxidants than broccoli, apples, and pomegranates? If you didn’t, here’s a list of some wonderful health benefits of eating cape gooseberries.
1. Store house of Vitamin C and antioxidants
2. Good for your eyes
3. Controls high blood pressure
4. Bone strength
5. Can control diabetes
6. Promotes weight Loss
7. Eases digestion
8. Anti-Inflammatory properties
9. Fights cold and flu



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