(c)1995 Yum! Brands

1995 commercial for Pizza Hut’s recently-introduced stuffed crust pizza; featuring real-estate tycoon turned reality show magnate (and now 2016 Republican Presidential candidate) Donald Trump with ex-wife Ivana (this was from a series of commercials touting how one could eat Stuffed Crust the „wrong” way; with other spots in the series including conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh and former Beatle Ringo Starr alongside the Monkees)

EDIT (10-4-2016): Noticed this video has become the first upload on any channel I’ve had on YouTube to pass 100,000 views)

EDIT (11-9-2016): If someone had told me within a year and a half of uploading this video Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States; I wouldn’t have believed it (and I’m a registered Republican)



FOODporn.pl 1995 Pizza Hut Commercial (Stuffed Crust: Donald and Ivana Trump)

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