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In this „100 dreams” video, I’m piggybacking off Laura Vanderkam’s idea – see her blog post here ( and her podcast here (

It’s basically a bucket list with a different name.

Also I mentioned NaNoWriMo.org


100 dreams (slightly edited):

1. speak at a conference
2. get my arct
3. get my lrsm
4. go on a cross country music tour
5. appear on tv
6. have 100,000 subscribers on YouTube
7. start a second channel on personal development (this one?)
8. reach 1 million subscribers
9. release another course
10. set up my first evergreen passive income stream
11. earn 10,000 dollars a month (6 figures per year)
12. join a mastermind group
14. save up 100,000
15. complete my pedagogy credentials
16. complete my piano book collection (as per the list I made)
17. start a pianotv subscription service
18. buy a baby grand piano
19. design a beautiful piano studio and filming room
20. get a sigma lense for my videos
21. receive an honorary degree
22. take a kindermusik teaching class
23. create a rental property with michael in our perfect city
24. own an amazing vegan restaurant

25. create a food truck and do a summer tour with michael
27. go on a yoga retreat
28. create a family cookbook
29. start or join a vegan dinner club
30. learn proper posture and use it consistently
31. go through an entire food book like the food lab and veganize everything
32. do the same with the professional chef
33. do the same thing with a classic baking book
34. actually learn how to make good sourdough
35. learn how to make vegan cultured yogurt
36. learn how to make a variety of cultured vegan cheeses
37. learn how to make beautiful cakes and cupcakes

38. attend Glastonbury music festival
39. visit my friend in Halifax
40. go to portland with michael and do a west coast tour, norcal redwoods
41. go to Vienna with michael
42. spend a summer in NYC
44. go on a hot holiday with michael and friends
45. find my perfect place to live
46. live in Europe without a car
47. travel to japan and see the cherry blossoms
48. see stonehenge
49. visit Disneyland with the family
50. visit Disneyworld with the family
51. tour Italy – Venice, Florence and Rome as well as Tuscan wine country
52. go on a romantic getaway to Paris with michael
53. go on a summer trip every year of our children’s lives until they’re 18 (and maybe beyond)
54. go on a European music history tour and film it
55. stay at a 5 star hotel
56. go on a vegnews tour
57. spend the day at a resort spa
58. get paid to travel somewhere
59. find my perfect place to live
60. stay at a 5 star resort
61. fly first class
62. take a spontaneous trip; just show up at the airport and go
63. put up a picture map and Mark off travel locations – visit 25 countries
64. go to a German/Austrian Christmas market

65. write a fiction book
66. write a non fiction book
67. learn and master a language
69. make copic marker art
70. write and record another rock album
71. read through a list of top 100 books
72. finish archiving my journals
73. create a composition book
74. write and illustrate a comic book
75. write an autobiography
76. take a photography class
77. have a book I write actually get published
78. complete toastmasters pathways
79. start a piano trio, quartet or quintet
80. perform a solo concert of covers
81. busk somewhere prominent
85. give a speech/talk with my husband
86. be someone’s doula/attend a birth
87. unplug for an entire month

88. have an au pair who is willing to travel with me
89. buy a nice big piece of art
90. get a babysitter portfolio
91. have a second child
92. visit an animal sanctuary
94. buy a vaute vegan pea coat
95. buy a cruelty free Stella McCartney bag
96. create holiday traditions food and activities (gingerbread houses, traditional meals, etc)
98. get something to organize my jewelry
99. teach my children to play piano
100. pay for my children’s education
101. host a murder mystery dinner
102. throw a themed party
106. do all of Lisa elderidges makeup tutorials
107. have a house cleaner come every 2 weeks



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