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Food Inspired:
You might enjoy this video… its inspired by the Long Beach – La Creperie Cafe.. you should google their menu em em.. many moons ago for my birthday I fell in love with the flavor.. from their french fries this is my version home fry.. and..

.. from back in the day my college days 2005-2006 I worked at a place which made the best .. Beet Salad .. the name of the restaurant closed in 2013.. „Mr. Stox” in Anaheim.. but remember when I was a hostess back in the day I would eat their salad a million times over, .. they used grilled goat cheese rather then the cashews.. which I will make another video someday and show the original version.. – YuM but the cashew version taste almost if not better = ) close to the same :) enjoy and feel free to ask any questions.


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(129) ?Version #FoodPorn Wilted Beet & Cashew Salad + Garlic Herb French Fries ツ Daily Vlog! Pt1of2

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