? Sri Lankan Cooking – Kottu & Hoppers – Food Travel Blog – Sri Lanka Vlog Street Food One of several videos we filmed while in Sri Lanka, this video vlog was shot just outside Negombo. On our last night before moving on we stopped at a Kottu Hoppers place, you can hear in the video of this the incredible noise that is made when making Kottu as the two large scrappers hit the hotplate and chop the roti with vegetables and spices. Well that was our time in this villa, amazing. So in the morning we take a 3 hour drive east to Kandy, see you when we arrive. Kottu is Roti or a type of flat bread chopped with a sauce of some kind added in the mix. The sound of kottu being made really is the background music of Sri Lanka. Cooks chop out on a hot flat griddle the roti and then add in pretty much whatever you can think of. Chicken curry, Vegetable curry and so on are popular. As the cooks hit the griddle with what looks like big scrappers, the sound of metal on metal fills the air. We pulled up outside a Kottu house and ordered from the car. Chicken and Cheese was our choice and it was brought over as we sat in the minivan. Plenty of fresh chilli and crispy chicken soon left my plate and i am now ready to go back to the hotel, feeling totally satisfied with my day. See you in the morning. Hoppers (appam) are based on a fermented batter, usually made of rice flour and coconut milk with spices. The dish is pan-fried or steamed. The fermenting agent is palm toddy or yeast. Hopper variants can be either savory (such as egg hoppers, milk hoppers, and string hoppers), or sweet (such as vandu appa and pani appa). Savory hoppers are often accompanied by lunu miris, a mix of red onions and spices.Short eats are a variety of snacks that are bought by the dozen from “short eat” shops and restaurants. These are eaten on the go, mainly for breakfast or during the evening. Short eats include pastries, Chinese rolls and patties. A popular short eat among Tamils is the mutton roll, made from tender pieces of mutton with potato and seasoned with spices. This can be a very spicy dish. Mutton rolls are served all over the world wherever there are Sri Lankan Tamils.
Kottu is a spicy stir-fry of shredded roti bread with vegetables. Optional ingredients include eggs, meat, or cheese. It was invented in Batticaloa and literally means ‘chopped roti’ in Tamil. – – – – – – –
Pol sambola (coconut sambol) is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from coconut, mostly used as an accompaniment with rice, string hoppers, hoppers, and many more meals. Sri Lankan cuisine has been shaped by many historical, cultural, and other factors.



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