Today I am sharing traditional
break fast recipe ukadpendi
means upma.
In this video I am sharing
very simple and healthy mix flour
upma or ukadpendi which is our
traditional break fast recipe.
So try this..
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. 1 cup coarse wheat flour

. 2 tbsp jowar/sorgum flour

. 1 tbsp chick pea flour

. 1 big sized chopped onion

. some peanuts

. 3-4 tbsp oil

.chopped coriander leaves

.cumin seeds

. Musterd seeds

. pinch of asafoetida

. pinch of turmeric powder

. Red chilly powder
(as per taste)

. Salt (as per taste)

. 1 tsp sugar

. 1 tsp lemon juice


. Heat oil in a pan

. Meantime heat 1&1/2 cup
water side by side.

. Add musterd and cumin seeds
and allow to crakle it.

. Add some peanuts and
saute it till become crispy
on low flame.

. Then add chopped onion
and saute it till become
(Don’t cook too much)

. Add coarse wheat flour, jowar flour
and chick pea flour

. Saute it continuously on low flame
for approximately 8-9 minutes.

. When all flours becomes properly
roasted,add red chilly powder,hing
turmeric powder,salt and sugar
and saute it on low flame
for 2 minutes.

. Add hot water step by step in
this roasted mixture as per

. Mix it properly.

. It needs less water than
rava/suji upma.

. Cover with lid and allow to
cook for 1 -2 minutes.

. After 1-2 minutes ukadpendi
will cook perfectly.

. Switch off flame.

. At last add lemon juice
and chopped coriander
leaves and mix it.

. Ukadpendi is ready.

. Enjoy hot.


. Always use little coasre wheat flour.

. You can use any flour of your choice
with wheat flour.



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