Canning spicy Cajun soup from our Creole recipe, and how to can pickled garlic. If you enjoy Cajun cooking, or would like to learn how to pickle garlic, this is for you. Similar to both gumbo and jambalaya, this soup is excellent with or over rice. We could not use a rue since canning with flour is not advised. Instead, we use a spicy chicken bone broth. This soup features a generous helping of Andouille sausage, smoked beef sausage, and chicken along with pablano and bell peppers among other vegetables. We will also show you how to pickle garlic and how we can it.

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(219) Canning Spicy Cajun Soup | Creole Recipe | How To Can Pickled Garlic

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  • Amie R

    Mark alone in the kitchen with gloves? ?? Most wives would be running for their lives! Not you though, youre a keeper! The soup (and the condition of the kitchen) looks GREAT! Tina is a lucky woman LOL!

  • Ron Yerke

    That looks very tasty. Question: Where can I get red "peppers" that look like red ONIONS you talked about at 2:41? ? That steam "special effect" at 7:30 was kinda fun too. ? Anyway, keep those videos comin' even with the oopses. ?

  • waryr11711 -Michelle M Losey

    I made a big pot of chicken soup yesterday and can always remember my mom standing over me when I was learning how to cook and she was kinda like Tina saying to add all your colors… she also described flavors by colors like in chicken soup she'd say be careful you don't want it to taste too orange or too green. So yesterday it was like Tina was on one side of me saying "make sure to add all your colors" and my mom on the other side saying "not too orange or too green" Lol no pressure right?!?giggle thought Tina might get a kick outta that :) I'm so glad to see others pickling garlic I thought I was the only one! I make the sweet refrigerator kind 1 jar for us and 1 jar for my son and his girlfriend. I peel and cut roots end off garlic and fill jars up to 1/2- 1 inch below the rounded shoulder part then in sauce pan add about 1 cup pasteurized filtered ACV like heinz (once you boil it you kill it anyhow) about 1 cup water about 1/2 cup light brown sugar bout 1/2 cup white sugar bring to a boil and stir 'till sugars dissolved add garlic and boil for bout 2 mins pour into large bowl add 'bout 1/4- 1/2 tsp ground turmeric and salt and pepper to taste let cool a little cover w/ saran wrap and put in fridge to cool. When its cooled dwn enough add 1 cup ACV w/ mother and stir well then taste to see if it needs more sugar or spices. Then spoon garlic into jars and fill jars up to rounded shoulders w/ brine cover and refrigerate. My mom made the canned long term storage kind using bread n butter pickle brine.

  • Anne58266

    I am trying to get enough garlic to can from the farmers market. I can't wait to do it. I just love garlic, and it looks amazing. That soup looks amazing as well. I might try it just as soup as it really does look delicious. I don't do the pressure canning. A relative almost lost her arm, and half of her kitchen. So the family has all sworn that we will never do it. I know that the equipment has gotten better, but still too scared to try it. Thank you for sharing

  • webcaster

    Dude, really? I just took 7 pint 1/2 jars of meatloaf out of the caner. Now I need to go get some more supplies for soup makin'.

  • Mark Mortensen

    I'll have to check out those two channels for sure. Always glad to have your videos on cooking. That way I can just go back and bring them up when I'm ready to try it. By the way I did your matter video list but I didn't get through it all. I played it straight from Saturday night through Sunday night. I still didn't get through them all. I hope that helped your watched hours some. I'll try to do some more next weekend. I hope it helps❤️❤️❤️❤️??‼️

  • Christopher Jensen

    So is it the garlic that makes it a rebel recipe? Yes I'm from Heather's channel lol. Or how are breaking the rules for canning on this one. First year canning so still learning but it's handy as heck when you like foods that the kids despise. Have fun be safe, Shannan.

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